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Christina Kennedy, M. A.

On Point Officiant founder Christina Kennedy has been officiating wedding ceremonies since 2016. As an English professor, Christina is a skilled wordsmith and excellent verbal and written communicator. This sets her apart as a wedding officiant, as she can curate ceremonies, customize scripts, and speak publicly with aplomb.

As an educator, Christina’s goal has always been to encourage students’ critical thinking and their appreciation for the ways the English language can be empowering, inspiring, and beautiful. This translates well into her role as an officiant, as she crafts personalized ceremonies for each couple, producing an impactful aesthetic experience for all ceremony guests.

When not at weddings, Christina can be found learning Spanish or re-learning French via Duolingo, hiking local trails, roller skating, reading, getting stuck on the couch with a cat on her lap while she watches The Witcher (again), or sitting on her patio with a glass of champagne and listening to playlists like “90s Alternative and Grunge” or “Sirius XM FLY.”